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OEMs in aviation are faced with a myriad of challenges, from increased competition, to evolving regulations and changing consumer demands. Similar to the automotive industry, the commercial aviation industry has seen massive technological advancements over recent years, with in-flight wireless connectivity now becoming a standard feature on commercial flights. Due to the safety critical nature of the aviation industry, it is highly regulated, and quality is of the utmost importance.

In order to meet these demands, many aviation OEM’s are looking to outsource their electronics to a partner that has a deep understanding of the highly regulated aviation industry. M&M Qualtech has over thirty years’ experience working with the aviation industry, providing cable harness and interconnect solutions in addition to introducing new PCBA products.

We understand the challenges that are faced by aviation manufacturers in this highly regulated environment and work with our clients to deliver quality solutions.

Why Choose M&M Qualtech?

1. Active Engagement and Collaboration

we are a proactive partner that goes beyond a typical vendor. We actively offer solutions that are optimised for your product development and production and we are aware of potential challenges in the supply chain but most importantly we offer solutions to these challenges.

2. Regulatory Requirements

We adhere to strict quality regulations, set out by the aviation industry. This industry is highly regulated, and it is important that our clients can have an audit trail. We provide clients with the documentation they need and guarantee our products meet the quality standards set out in this industry. We are also ISO EN 9001-2008 certified, which certifies our processes are meeting with regulatory requirements, this gives extra confidence to our clients that their product is meeting all standards set out.

3. Flexible

As the aviation industry innovates and progresses, so does M&M Qualtech, staying up to date with the latest trends in the industry and remaining flexible to offer the best quality product and service to customers. Products are frequently revised, enhanced or completely changed, we allocate the right engineering resources to give you peace of mind that you are maximising all opportunities.

4. Trust and Confidentiality

We understand that the aviation industry is a competitive market to be a player in. We understand the need for discretion and we respect that your reputation and success is entangled with our performance. We guarantee discretion and we ensure we provide you with a product that meets all quality standards and your requirements.

5. Varied Experience

All our customers vary in sizes from large multinationals to start up companies. We work in the medical device sector, the ICT sector and the automotive sector, we understand the challenges each specific industry and business face and we support you as you grow, and your needs evolve.

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